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Most in-demand in IT is CCNA certification for Azure Administrators and alike.

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Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate

Azure AZ 104 Training and Certification in Malaysia

Duration: 4 days/32 hours

  • Understanding of on-premises virtualization technologies, including VMs, virtual networking, and virtual hard disks.
  • Understanding of network configuration, including TCP/IP, Domain Name System (DNS), virtual private networks (VPNs), firewalls, and encryption technologies.
  • Understanding of network configuration, including TCP/IP, Domain Name System (DNS), virtual private networks (VPNs), firewalls, and encryption technologies.
  • Understanding of resilience and disaster recovery, including backup and restore operation.

Azure AZ 104 training may be used for a variety of job roles, including but not limited to:
  • This course is for Azure Administrators. Azure Administrators manage the cloud services that span storage, networking, and compute cloud capabilities, with a deep understanding of each service across the full IT life cycle. 
  • They take end-user requests for new cloud applications and make recommendations on services to use for optimal performance and scale, as well as provision, size, monitor and adjust. 
  • This role requires communicating and coordinating with vendors. Azure Administrators use the Azure Portal and as they become more proficient, they use PowerShell and the Command Line Interface.

Limited time Course Price

RM 4000

RM 2500

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The AZ-104 exam is the only exam that will help you get Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate Certification from Microsoft.

Initially, in this course we are going to cover Azure identities and governance along with this we are going to cover Azure Storage and Azure File Sync.

Then you’ll learn how to deploy and manage compute resources. Finally, you’ll learn to configure and manage enterprise-grade virtual networks and how to monitor and back up Azure resources.

This course module is completely based on Microsoft's official content.

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100 % Hands-on Training 
32 hours of live instructor-led training
20 hours of Lab practice guided by an instructor
Exam Practice questions that students will access and practice through a server
600 latest exam practice questions 
E-book with tools and software
Live online or Classroom training
4.8 star rating of google reviews
95% exam passing rate with one attempt

Course Benefits

Microsoft Azure is one of the most rapidly expanding corporate cloud platforms, allowing professionals to operate more secure cloud instances. Due to this reason, many IT professionals must obtain a Microsoft Azure certification. With the help of our Azure training, you will gain just that and be on the right track in terms of IT job demand. Through this course, you will gain the knowledge of:

Manage Azure identities and governance

Implement and manage storage

Deploy and manage Azure compute resources

Configure and manage virtual networking

Monitor and back up Azure resources


Sure, here are some possible course objectives for the CCNA Enterprise Network course:

To manage Azure subscriptions and resources

To implement and manage storage

To implement and manage storage

To deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs)

To configure and manage virtual networks

To manage identities

Course Outline

  • MODULE 1
  • MODULE 2
  • MODULE 3
  • MODULE 4
  • MODULE 5
  • MODULE 6

In this module, you will learn how to secure identities with Azure Active Directory and implement users and groups.

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Users and groups



Pandas is an important library in Python for Data Science. It is used for data manipulation and analysis. It is well suited for different data such as tabular, ordered and unordered time series, matrix data, etc.

  • Pandas Getting Started
  • Pandas Series
  • Pandas Data Frames
  • Pandas Read CSV
  • Pandas Read JSON
  • Pandas Read Excel
  • Pandas Analyzing Data

Data Cleaning and Data Wrangling Using Python Pandas

Data scientists spend a large amount of their time cleaning datasets and getting them down to a form with which they can work. In fact, a lot of data scientists argue that the initial steps of obtaining and cleaning data constitute 80% of the job. Therefore, if you are just stepping into this field or planning to step into this field, it is important to be able to deal with messy data, whether that means missing values, inconsistent formatting, malformed records, or nonsensical outliers. In this module, we’ll leverage Python’s Pandas to clean data.

  • Cleaning a DataFrame
  • Removing Columns
  • Removing Rows
  • Filling Missing Values
  • Improving Readability
  • Dropping Columns in a DataFrame
  • Changing the Index of a DataFrame

Matplotlib Visualization with Python

Matplotlib is a python library used to create 2D graphs and plots by using python scripts. It has a module named pyplot which makes things easy for plotting by providing feature to control line styles, font properties, formatting axes etc. It supports a very wide variety of graphs and plots namely - histogram, bar charts, power spectra, error charts etc.

  • Python Data Visualization
  • Python Chart Properties
  • Python Chart Styling
  • Python Box Plots
  • Python Heat Maps
  • Python Scatter Plots
  • Python Line Charts
  • Python Pie Charts
  • Python Bar Charts
  • Python Time Series
  • Python Geographical Data

Python seaborn Library

Seaborn is one of an amazing library for visualization of the graphical statistical plotting in Python. Seaborn provides many color palettes and defaults beautiful styles to make the creation of many statistical plots in Python more attractive. Seaborn library aims to make a more attractive visualization of the central part of understanding and exploring data. It is built on the core of the matplotlib library and also provides dataset-oriented APIs.

  • Plotting Chart Using seaborn Library
  • Line plot
  • Dist plot
  • Lmplot
  • Histogram
  • Bar Plot
  • Count Plot
  • Point Plot
  • Violin Plot
  • Heatmap


  • What is statistics?
  • Basic terminology of statistics
  • Types of statistics
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Measure of Central Tendency ( Mean, median, mode )
  • Measures of Dispersion ( Variance, Standard Deviation, Range-its derivation )
  • Inferential statistics

Key Feature

32 hours of instructor-led live training

Gain an understanding of those necessary services that constitute the Microsoft Azure platform

Completely hands-on learning

We will provide you with an exam preparation guide to prepare and pass the examination on the first attempt

Microsoft Certified Trainer with extensive industry and training experience

24x7 learner assistance and support

What You Will Learn

Configure Active Directory, Azure Firewalls, Load Balancing, DNS
Explore Azure services and how those services are used in cloud
Create virtual machines and configure the scale up and scale out to achieve elasticity
Using Azure to deploy applications to the cloud

It's Now or Never

Training Mode

Physical Classroom Training (Malaysia)
On-site Company Training (Malaysia)
Online Training via Microsoft Team (Malaysia and International)
Highly experienced
with interview preparation
Certified trainers
24/7 support
Lifetime access to
recorded sessions
One on one assistance
Flexible schedule


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What are the pre-requisites to take this course?

We would prefer you to have prior knowledge in networking or MCSA Windows Server before learning Microsoft Azure Certified Administrator Associate Course. However, beginners are welcome to learn too. 

What is Azure? 

This is one of the most valuable certifications one should have/acquire to be working in the IT field. Employers or companies are now migrating most data and application to cloud. More cloud engineers are now in demand.

Can I become a Azure Administrator right away after completing this course?

Yes, you may.

Do I need to be in the IT field to learn Azure?

Preferably yes.

Which is the best Azure training company in Malaysia?

Nexperts Academy is the best in Malaysia. Our Google rating is evident of our strength in this field.

Will I receive a certificate upon finishing this course?

Yes, you will get a personalized digital certificate downloadable as a PDF. You will need to complete over 85% of the curriculum lessons

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