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Employers are looking for people with digital marketing skills to improve their company’s web presence and visibility. This is one of the tech skills in demand for obvious reasons: more site visits mean more conversions, customers, and revenue.

If you’re data-minded, SEO/SEM may be a great fit, since the role involves constant testing, measuring, and experimenting to see what works and make changes based on observations/metrics/KPIs.

Digital marketing is another skill that can benefit you if you decide to start your own business in the future. You can leverage SEO skills to market yourself, find freelancing clients, start a tech/personal blog, and build a brand. 


What is SEO
Important of SEO Tools
Website Niche - Hosting- Domain
Keyword Research
On-Page SEO
Off- Page SEO
Link Building
Google +Bing Webmaster Tools
Working as SEO - Website analysis

* It's one of LinkedIn’s skills companies need the most (ranks #8 on their list of most in-demand jobs for 2018).
* The top five organic search results get over 75% of the clicks.
* Only 22% of businesses report being satisfied with their conversion rates.
* Web developers who learn SEO/SEM can offer bundled services: not only building the websites, but optimizing and marketing them. 

SEO strategy development, keyword research basics, on-page SEO fundamentals, link building.

* Course Name: SEO Training Course
* Training Fee: Free!
* Registration Fee : RM300 / USD$80
* Mode of training : Live online training
* Price: Free
* Skill level: Beginner