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Why Java?
Flavors of Java
Java Designing Goal
Role of Java Programming in industry
Features of java Language
JVM- The heart of Java
Java's Magic Byte code 

Java Environment
Installing JDK and Eclipse IDE - Java Program Development - Java Source File Structure - Compilation - Executions
Java Fundamentals
Data Types - Variables, keywords, Literals - Comments - Assignment ,Initialization - 

Introduction to Oops Concepts
Inheritance - Polymorphism - Abstraction - Encapsulation -
Class Fundamentals
Class, Object - Global variable and member variables - Static and final - Inner and Anonymous Class - Access Control Modifiers - Constructors 

Defining of an Array
Initializing and accessing an Array
Multi-Dimensional Array
Operation on String
Mutable and immutable String
Using Collection Bases loop for String
Tokenizing a String
Creating Strings using String Buffer 

Use of Benefits of inheritance in OOP - Types of inheritance in Java - Inheriting Data Member and Methods - Role of Constructors in inheritance - Overriding super Class methods - Use of *Super* - Polymorphism in inheritance -
Interfaces And Abstract Classes
Multiple Inheritance - Restrictions for Interfaces - Interface Vs Abstract - Relationship between classes 

Organizing Classes and interfaces in Packages
Package as Access Protection
Defining Package
CLASSPATH Setting for Packages
Import and Static Import
Naming Convention for packages
What is Wrapper Class
Why Wrapper
How to handle wrapper Classes  

What is Exception
Types of Exception
Exception Hierarchy
Control Flow in Exception
VM reaction to Exception
Exception handling 

Understanding Threads
Needs of Multi-Threaded Programming
Thread Life-cycle
Thread Priorities
Synchronizing Threads
Inter communication of Threads
Critical Factor in thread Deadlock 

Collection of objects
Collection Interfaces and Hierarchy
List And Map
Types of List
Types of map

Introductions to JDBC
JDBC Drivers and architectures
CURD operations using JDBC
ODBC and other Drivers