This course will take you from a basic knowledge of C++ to using more advanced features of the language. This course is for you if you want to deepen your basic knowledge of C++, you want to learn C++ 11 features, or you've taken my free beginners' C++ course and you're looking for the next step.

We'll start with a look at C++ file handling and move through STL, template classes, operator overloading, lambda expressions, move constructors and much more besides.




Exceptions Basics
Standard Exceptions
Custom Exceptions
Exception Catching Order 

Writing Text Files
Reading Text Files
Parsing Text Files
Structs and Padding
Reading and Writing Binary Files 

Vectors and Memory
Two-Dimensional Vectors
Custom Objects as Map Values
Custom Objects as Map Keys
Stacks and Queues
Sorting Vectors, Deque and Friend
STL Complex Data Types 

Overloading the Assignment Operator
Printing - Overloading Left Bit Shift
A Complex Number Class
Overloading Plus
Overloading Equality Test
Overloading the Dereference Operator  

Templates - An Important Note
Template Classes
Template Functions
Template Functions and Type Inference  

Function Pointers
Using Function Pointers
Object Slicing and Polymorphism
Abstract Classes and Pure Virtual Functions

Templates - An Important Note
Template Classes
Template Functions
Template Functions and Type Inference  

Decltype, Typeid and Name Mangling
The Auto Keyword
Range-Based Loops
Nested Template Classes
A Ring Buffer Class
Making Classes Iterable
Initialization in C++ 98
Initialization in C++ 11
Initializer Lists
Object Initialization, Default and Delete
Introducing Lambda Expressions
Lambda Parameters and Return Types
Lambda Capture Expressions
Capturing this With Lambdas
The Standard Function Type
Mutable Lambdas
Delegating Constructors
Elision and Optimization.avi
Constructors and Memory
Rvalues and LValues
LValue References
Rvalue References
Move Constructors
Move Assignment Operators
Static Casts
Dynamic Cast
Reinterpret Cast
Perfect Forwarding
Unique Pointers
Shared Pointers 

GUI Programming Overview 

Source Code
Fractal Creator - Hello World
Bitmap File Headers
Bitmap Info Headers
A Bitmap Class
Bitmap Memory
Bitmap Header Values
Writing a Bitmap
Setting Bitmap Pixels
A Mandelbrot Class
The Fractal Algorithm
Improving the Image
The Colour Histogram
Validating the Histogram
Eliminating Max Iterations
Storing the Iterations
Using the Histogram
Colour Transforms
A Zoom Class
The Zoom List Class
Centering and Scaling
Applying the Zoom
Zooming In
Reorganising Main
Implementing FractalCreator
An RGB Class
Using the RGB Class
Specifying Color Ranges
Calculating Range Totals
Checking the Range Totals
Getting the Pixel Range (updated)
Range-Based Coloring
More Exercises

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